Burgundy cuvée 2 grapes (2018) - Weingut Pauritsch


The grapes of approx. 1 ha were harvested by hand for quality wine, whereby the 2 most beautiful grapes were left on the vine. These were then left on the vine for 3 weeks and were able to develop into a late harvest. The wine was then placed in large oak barrels, fermented there and stored for 12 months. The result, a white wine with an abundance of aromas of dried apricots and a little vanilla. Exotic fruit meets Styrian flavor.

Variety: Burgundy

Winery: Weingut Pauritsch, Wies

Vintage: 2018

Taste: exotic, elderflower

Alcohol content: 14.0% vol.

Contents: 0.75 l

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